Our mission is to create unapologetic, raw, female driven new works that challenge us to think about human behavior and structures in our society.


We believe in going towards what scares us in an effort to create truthful theatre. As performers we push ourselves past our comfort zones in order to bring our most vulnerable selves on stage. We strive to live life on the stage to our best abilities.

We choose risk over playing it safe. We don't believe in limiting ourselves. We feel the most joy from playing together and from being able to share our work with an audience. We operate from a place of love.

“If a play is not socially useful, if it doesn’t have content and make people think intelligently, it’s a waste of time. Plays hold a mirror up to us and show us how we’re behaving and why we shouldn’t [behave that way], and maybe we should learn how to behave better and more usefully.”
— Edward Albee